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Open79XX Mods

Tarball is here.
Added another logo which will be included in the next release.


Couple of things I forgot to mention... The following scriptnames should be used to make full use of the features this adds:

Authentication URL should call http://[path-on-your-server]/authenticate.php
Directory URL should call http://[path-on-your-server]/directory.php
Idle URL should call http://[path-on-your-server]/idlelogo.php
Information URL should call http://[path-on-your-server]/info.php

Readme is below the following images...


Open 79XX XML Directory is an application designed to utilize the display features on Cisco 79XX IP Phones. It produces on-screen phone 
directories, search capabilities, text memos, interactive user status, and more. 

The original project is located at and

My Changes

I've made a few changes, primarily to add features that are useful for me to use with chan_sccp and asterisk.


**** NOTE: This is a FULL replacement tarball - ie not a series of diffs. ***

There's a new .sql file which contains my modified db structure, follow the normal install process.

What's added

SCCP Options Menu added to the main page.

SCCP Multicast Addresses
        Add, edit and delete addresses used for multicast conferences.

SCCP Preferences
        Set global configuration for SCCP servers and the phone services, directoryand help URL parameters for your system.

Setup Conferences
        Add or delete phone based conferences. These conferences are phone to phone, no server is directly involved in the conferencing.

        Build or rebuild the RINGTONES.XML file based on the defined tftp root directory and the sound files it contains.

SCCP Phone Help
        Create and modify help provided to the user when the '?'

Options for PUSH control added to "Edit Phone Registrations" page


Added selection of logo
Also added "snapshot" to take a snap of a phone to the Phone "Registrations" page

Fixed a couple of minor things to make the install cleaner.