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Tufin Orchestration Suite - USP Editor v2

Tufin Orchestration Suite has a powerfull set of APIs that enables customers to integrated it with GRC management solutions, network scanners and Vulnerability assessment tools.
This integration, delivered by Professional Services, enables a continued feed of data to ToS and a proactive Risk and Compliance automated control:
  • Vulnerabilities are considered as managed Risks;
  • Servers' port scanning results, once verified by application owners, generates a white list as Corporate services compliance
  • Vulnerability online assessment tools are called on each ticket to run ondemand scans and enrich security approvals
  • Corporate applications network flow teaches ToS to momnitor security and keep a tight business compliance
All this data are monitored and enforced by SecureTrack, followed by SecureChange cleanup & new access automation workflows and managed at DevOps level by SecureApp.

The USP Editor addon is a solution build by Tufin SE's to PoVs, prospects and customers that did not started to integrate their tools with ToS APIs or dont want to use an offline spreadsheet tool, like MS Excel, to manage Unified Security Policies (USPs).

Latest version is compatible with TufinOS v2 or v3 and Tufin Orchestration Suite R18-x up to R21-1.
Addons installation script requires DNS/HTTP/HTTPS Internet connectivity directly from TufinOS.

Important : If you are running USP Editor on TOS R20-2 RC1, upgrade to version 2.0.9b before deploying TOS R20-2GA, R21-1 or beyond.
Read more information at Readme file or the Release notes below.

Version 2.0.9c (2021-01-19)

1 / 13
v2.0.9 - USP Exceptions using Is Any
2 / 13
v2.0.8f - Select USPs on server
3 / 13
v2.0.8f - USP loaded from server
4 / 13
v2.0.8f - Detail of USP rule to AWS Security Group zone
5 / 13
v2.0.8f - Detail of USP rule to traditional network
6 / 13
v2.0.8f - Rule properties
7 / 13
v2.0.8f - Rule exceptions
8 / 13
v2.0.8f - Select Template to a new USP
9 / 13
v2.0.8f - Template details
10 / 13
v2.0.8f - Global rule wizard
11 / 13
v2.0.8f - Create a WannaCry USP
12 / 13
v2.0.8f - Global rules details
13 / 13
v2.0.8f - WannaCry USP overview

Release notes:

Download options : Addons script, manually here or alternate site.

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